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Gare de Champignon

Gare means "Station" in French

To  give  or  Receive  a  gift
You will see wrapping firstly

We  will  provide  wrapping  for  enhance  "exciting"  moment

We  want  to  be  a  "station"  that  connects  you  and  your  loved one  via  wrapping. 

  You have loved one that you want to give a present 

Our  pleasure  to  engage  such  important  scene  in  your  life. 



​Hana Ohguchi

There are 4 people in my family incl. son & daughter of Elementary school students 

Lived in Germany 4 years. Fascinated "simple and sophisticated color wrapping" that blends into European life.

Opened door for coordinate own gift wrapping for my family's, Friends. Fascinated soon into for fun and deep wrapping world.

My Motto
Wrapping that impresses you and your loved one.


・Wrapping coordinator

・Wrapping coordinator upper grade

​・​All JAPAN Gift goods association

 Gift Wrapping coordinator instructor



Akaike-Cyo, Nisshin-Shi, Aichi, JAPAN

​*5min. from Meitetsu Akaike station by car.

​ Detail to be informed after your contact

e-mail :

phone : 090-7866-6812​

​Opening time:AM10:00-PM5:00


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